School employees to receive raises, health plan contribution increases

Warrick County teachers, administrators and non-certified employees are set to receive salary increases in the near future.

The Warrick County School Board approved the ratification of the 2019-20 Contractual Agreement with the Warrick County Teachers Association, in addition to salary and benefit increases for administrators and non-certified employees, during their Monday, Nov. 4. meeting.

Superintendent Brad Schneider said the administration and the WCTA bargaining team met several times, including during a special Oct. 29 meeting, which culminated in a proposed contract for the 2019-20 school year.

“The agreement includes a compensation factor equal to 3.7 percent, which includes a 1.7 percent incremental toggle and a 2 percent toggle differential,” Schneider said. “New hires will receive a 3.2 percent increase, bringing the starting salary [to] $40,000.”

Before the new contract, starting pay for teachers was a little over $38,000.

“So it’s just a little less than a $2,000 increase,” Schneider said.

The proposed agreement also increases the pay for those adults who help with extracurricular activities by 2 percent. Some of the affected include coaches, band support and those on before or after school bus duty.

“A computer resource ECA position will be reset to $2K for all grade levels,” Schneider said.

Non certified employees and school administrators can also look forward to a salary increase.

“In keeping up with treating Warrick school employees in a fair and equitable manner, the administration is also increasing the salary for all non-certified calendar year and school year employees by 2 percent,” Schneider said. “I’d like to recommend the board approve a 2 percent increase for all administrations, except the superintendent.”

Those increases were unanimously approved, with the superintendent being the only member of the school corp. to not receive a salary increase, due to him already being under a three year contract.

“So we’ll look at my contract again next year,” Schneider said.

The board also approved several increases to employee health plans and 401(a) contributions by the school corp. for administrators, teachers and non-certified staff.

“Employer contribution to the employee 401(a) annuity will increase .25 percent. The employer contribution for a single health plan will increase by $600. Contribution for a member spouse and or a member children plan will increase by $900 and the contribution for a family plan will increase by $1,200. We will also increase the employer contribution to dual members by $1,000.”

Since the pay raises were voted to be in effect for the current school year, teachers will be receiving some healthy checks here soon.

“They will get [retroactive] checks based on the new contract and salary adjustments the board approved,” Schneider said. “They will get them as soon as our payroll department can update all of the contracts with the new information. It takes time to do that. But possibly within the next three weeks, they will be issued those.”

Marisa Patwa is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in journalism and minor in political science.

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