The Warrick County School Corporation recognized the service of 19 retirees in their regular meeting on Monday, July 27.

Warrick County School Corporation Superintendent Brad Schneider said between certified employees and support staff, the retirees had a combined service to the corporation of nearly 500 years.

“This is always my favorite board meeting of the year because we get to recognize and honor our retiring teachers,” he said. “We wish you all the best and thank you for everything you’ve done for kids in Warrick County.”

certified staff retirees

Melody Taylor, Yankeetown Elementary School, 32 years

Richard Lance, Castle High School, 42 years

Pamela Boyer-Johnson, Castle High School, 18 years

Mark Eifler, Castle High School, 19 years

Kimberly Davis, Lynnville Elementary School, 16.5 years

John Kendall, Tecumseh Middle/High School, 35 years

Francis Vile, Boonville High School, 29 years

Cynthia Skinner, John H. Castle Elementary, 35 years

Tim Courtney, Castle South Middle School, 34 years

Jennifer Nisley, Sharon Elementary School, 21 years

Elmer Shelby, Castle High School, 15.5 years

The support staff retirees are:

Tony Pruitt, Boonville Middle School, 18.5 years

Cindy Day, Boonville High School, 35 years

Guy Gentry, Manager of Transportation, 20.5 years

Jaci Floyd, Lynnville Elementary School, 26 years

Gladys Cundif, Boonville Middle School, 18.5 years

Michael George, Maintenance, 25 years

Melissa Roe, Secretary/Treasurer at Castle North Middle School, 18.5 years

Jeff Daub, Electrician, 12 years

The Warrick County School Board will meet again in their regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 10, at 7 p.m.

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