Three regional All-Stars named from Warrick County

Three student athletes from Warrick County were named to the region nine All-Star football team.

Boonville High School’s Payton Marksbury and Tecumseh’s Kyle Tuley and Keenan Lautner were chosen to be a part of the team on Tuesday. For the All-Star team, Marksbury was chosen as an offensive linebacker, Tuley will be a free safety and Lautner will be a punter.

The state of Indiana is broken up into different regions, and Warrick County along with Princeton, Evansville and Jasper are encompassed in region nine.

Last Tuesday, coaches representing 26 high schools from the region got together to nominate student athletes for an All-Star team with Tuley, Lautner and Marksbury making the team.

Waylon Schenk, the head coach at Princeton, will coach the southern Indiana team to face the northern region teams to play in Indianapolis during the summer.

Tecumseh senior Lautner is a three-year starter and was AP All-State honorable mention as linebacker. Tuley, senior quarterback at Tecumseh, also is a three-year starter and received AP All-State honorable mention. Marksbury, a Boonville senior linebacker, was voted in the top five linebackers in the state of Indiana and was a Griddy Award winner for 2015.

“We haven’t had two kids get on the All-Star team since 2008,” said Jeff Damon, Tecumseh football coach. “We’ve been lucky getting a kid on the team every few years but hardly ever two. We were very fortunate to get those two guys on there.”

For those players who excel, they will play for the All-Star state team in the coming year.

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