Warrick County cross country teams ran against competitors at the Pike Central Invitational Saturday.

Castle sophomore Jackson Sawyer ran his season and personal best time of 16:39.996 and took fifth place in the race, just ahead of Boonville junior Kyle McCallister, who was ahead of Sawyer, but slipped just before the finish line and still came in seventh place with a time of 16:46.153, only four seconds short of his personal record. Junior Haley Barker took fifth place in the girls race with 19:43.300.

Boonville cross country will be back in action for the Big 8 meet at Jasper, while Castle will take on opponents the SIAC meet at Angel Mounds on Saturday. Both teams will participate in the sectional at Angel Mounds on Oct. 8.

Also running in the girls race were: Taryn Sloan, Boonville, 22nd, 21:46.126; Allysia Faulkner, Boonville, 23rd, 21:55.490; Renee Nolan, Castle, 33rd, 23:12.170; Tori Warren, Castle, 43rd, 23:44.396; Summer Moore,Tecumseh, 46th, 23:57.220; Brooke Divine, Boonville, 49th, 24:17.730; Megan Werne,  Castle, 61st, 25:00.263; Della Gardner, Boonville, 62nd, 25:04.520; Melinda Murray, Tecumseh, 63rd, 25:07.793; Hope Oeding, Castle, 64th, 25:10.770; Grace Oeding, Castle, 67th, 25:25.043; Abbey Patterson, Tecumseh, 72nd, 25:51.793; Heidi Noland, Castle, 76th, 26:21.730; Adele Hemmerlein, Castle, 79th, 26:54.356; Payge Lemen, Tecumseh, 86th, 27:55.670; Kaitlyn Helfert, Tecumseh, 88th place, 28:16.533; Kristen Greenberg, Tecumseh, 90th, 28:26.500 and Olivia Rudolphi, Tecumseh, 92nd, 29:32.673.

Also running in the boys race were: Matthew Scales, Castle, 14th, 17:01.260; Christopher Brake, Castle, 20th, 17:19.503; George Economou, Castle, 25th, 17:36.473; Corde Outlaw, Castle, 36th place, 17:57.620; Abram Taylor-Schroeder, Boonville, 45th, 18:19.913; Matt Gerst, Castle, 55th, 18:46.936; Evan Overton, Boonville, 63rd, 19:00.16; Clay Moore, Tecumseh, 70th, 19:13.593; Owen Wilkins, Boonville, 86th, 19:49.350; Dalton Baggett, Boonville, 87th, 19:49.840; Wyatt Topper, Boonville, 107th, 21:29.986; Bo Smith, Boonville, 108th, 21:48.723; Ethan Wells, Tecumseh 110th, 21:59.190; Gabe Hodge, Tecumseh, 116th, 23:22.350 and Shane Stephens, Tecumseh, 123rd, 33:44.920.

Wyatt Squires is a staff writer for The Standard. Before coming to Warrick, Wyatt has worked as a reporter in Jackson, Greene and Knox counties in Indiana.

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