In the kick off to sectionals, Warrick County football teams came out on either side of the coin.

In 4A sectional 24, Boonville faced off against Edgewood on the Mustangs home turf in Ellettsville, while Tecumseh faced Linton-Stockton in Linton. The Pioneers defeated the Mustangs, 42-6, and the Braves fell to the Miners, 56-15.

The Pioneers can credit their victory to taking advantage of opportunity, starting with the first plays of the first quarter. Boonville kicked off to Edgewood to start the game, but the Pioneer defense held the Mustangs and forced Edgewood to punt just minutes into the game.

After the punt, the Pioneers took over at the 50-yard line and moved the chains all the way to the end zone with a rushing touchdown by senior Camden Cartwright. With only a couple minutes down, Boonville took the lead, 7-0.

Edgewood only took back possession momentarily. Boonville intercepted a pass and took back possession at their own 48-yard line. The Pioneers took that possession to the bank, as well. Halfway through the first quarter, another Cartwright rush into the end zone widened their lead to 14-0.

Another possession to Edgewood was answered with strength by the Boonville defense and the Mustangs were forced to punt once again. The Pioneers held onto the ball into the second quarter before senior Lane Miller found the ball in the end zone. The Pioneers took this opportunity to rush Luke Conner into the end zone for a two-point conversion, bringing their lead to 22-0.

Once again, the Mustangs couldn’t beat the Pioneer defense. Edgewood punted again and relinquished possession to Boonville with nine minutes left in the first half. Once again, the Pioneers turned their possession into points. With only a minute left in the first half, the Pioneers rushed Jackson Phillips into the end zone. A blocked kick for the extra point put Boonville’s lead at 28-0 at halftime.

Boonville took possession at the beginning of the second half at their own 17-yard line. Boonville had ground to cover but didn’t shy away. Boonville sent Cartwright into the end zone, knocking down only two minutes off the clock and brought the score to 35-0.

With seven minutes left in the third quarter, the Mustangs fought to make their mark on the score board and rushed into the end zone, bringing the score to 35-6. The Mustang defense came out with something to say and held the Pioneers, forcing Boonville to punt with five minutes left in the third quarter. However, Edgewood’s good luck could only last so long. Once again, they folded to the Pioneer defense.

The ball switched hands a couple more times before Phillips marched into the end zone with only two minutes left in the third quarter, bringing the score to 42-6.

Possession shifted a few times in the fourth quarter with no result. Edgewood couldn’t break through the Pioneers for any last minute efforts. The game ended with the Pioneers on top, 42-6.

Boonville will go on to battle Harrison Friday night at 7 p.m.

Castle had a bye for the first week of sectional but will take on North in the 5A sectional semifinals at home on Friday at 7 p.m.

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