CASTLE — The Knights did it. They are 2022 sectional champs. Playing at John Lidy Field, Castle would defeat North for the second time this year by the final score of 28-18.

Historically, this is Castle’s 15th sectional in program history and first since 2020.

The Knights started the game like they were going to run away with it. Castle would score on the opening drive as quarterback Brayden Bishop would find Izach Salpietra in the end zone from 29 yards. It was Bishop’s first pass attempt for the game.

Castle would score later in the quarter as the Knight’s Will Bracher would recover a muffed punt which placed the ball on North’s 12 yard line. Bishop would eventually run the ball in himself on the quarterback keeper.

North was far from done, though. After Castle’s second score, the Huskies Jason Rucker would run the ball 98 yards on the kickoff to put North on the board.

They would score again in the second as Husky Sam McKinney would find his receiver Kaleb Harris from 15 yards. They would convert on the two-point conversion to give North the 15-14 lead. A field goal later in the quarter would make it 18-14 North at half.

North wouldn’t score for the rest of the game.

In the third, John Purdy, primarily known for his defense, was called to carry the ball on offense for some periods in the game. He would run the ball two yards midway through the third to give the Knights the lead. Castle would score their final touchdown later in the quarter when Bishop would throw the perfect lob to a wide-open Weston Aigner from 39 yards.

You have to give a big shout out for the Knight defense as well. On a big drive for North in the fourth quarter, they had a third and one on a big drive that could have got North within striking distance. The Castle D would prevent the Huskies from getting the first down by stopping the North run on two consecutive plays.

A final interception caught by Castle’s Nick Harper would end the game.

Next up for Castle is the regionals and a match up against Bloomington South at Castle. The Panthers have a 9-1 record is finished the season ranked third in the state.

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