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The program will provide a dollar-for-dollar match for qualifying and approved plans. For example, $1,000 investment from a local business will earn a matching $1,000 by the newspaper – an effective 50% discount to the local business. Locally owned and operated businesses will earn priority approval. Matching funds are available for print, digital and custom marketing tools. For more information on how you and your business can apply for this program, please complete the information below. Together, we will restart our community!

Special Note

“So many businesses have had to close up or limit their business. The loss of revenues has forced layoffs, and threatens the very sustainability of that business. While the government has offered some help, in most cases it’s not enough or they don’t qualify for one reason or another. And just opening back up is no guarantee things will return to normal. The pressure on local businesses is tremendous. We want to help and offering advertising matching funds is what we can do for our community. We want every business to fully recover and do everything we can to help that happen.” - The Standard

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